Why Corall?

Corals live in collaborative colonies and form one of the most rich ecosystems in the world. Called 'the rainforests of the sea', coral reefs are symbiotic ecosystems that reflect the collaboration of all their cohabitant species.

An open environment for collaborative networks
Corall makes not only communication very simple and effective with chat and video calling, but also lets you achieve a more productive and rewarding performance when jumping to its real-time visual boards, where you can organize, execute and control activities, processes and teamwork.
Collaboration is the truly innovative feature of Corall. Users work in an open environment where they can structure their own networks based on channels, groups and organizations. Everyone can easily build his own team inside the platform and invite people from everywhere to join it.
All your files, images, documents, and spreadsheets can be dropped into Corall and shared with everyone. All information will be immediately synced and searchable for the authorized people. Besides, Corall will always track and notify all updates, wherever you are.